Participants at NEUWAVE-9


Neutron imaging methods that exploit wavelength dependent phenomena for novel image contrasts have been well-developed through the series of workshops on NEUtron WAVElength dependent imaging  (NEUWAVE).  The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted NEUWAVE-9 from 11-14 JUN 2017, featuring a networking event on Sunday 11 JUN, oral sessions with 35 talks from 12-14 JUN, an evening poster session on 12 JUN with 19 posters, and a tour of the research facilities at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR).  The 55 NEUWAVE participants represented more than 10 countries, and discussed the latest advancements in and applications of neutron Bragg-edge imaging, phase and dark field imaging, imaging detector technology, other energy-resolved imaging methods and neutron imaging facility developments. 

Contact:  Daniel Hussey, NIST